Coral Island Background

Pirates Quest Ghost Train

Many moons ago in 1839 as Captain Coral and his crew sailed across the seven seas with the King's stolen rubies, they were caught in a violent storm. As thunder roared, winds whirled and waves crashed the Coral Crusader Galleon was cast ashore smashing off the Coral Island rocks. 

The shipwrecked remains of the Coral Crusader Galleon sunk to the deepest darkest depths of the sea where they will remain forever. Captain Coral and his crew went down with the ship that fateful night trying to save the precious rubies. 

Ride a pirate ship through the ghostly shipwreck of the Coral Crusader Galleon hitting the buzzer everytime you spot a ruby, but be quick, points will be deducted if you are too late. 

Do you dare take the Pirates Quest to find the hidden rubies?

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